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SX Lighting
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Public Lighting Remote Management is the solution for managing luminaires individually or in groups on the streets, squares or cities in real time.

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Smart SX Sensors - Industrial and Office , have the ability to collect information regarding the brightness of the environment and the detection of occupancy on the spot in real time.

With these sensory references, they allow you to control the LED lighting system in places.

Product Features

  • Actual luminous efficacy up to 135 lm / W

  • Energy savings of up to 80%


  • Lifetime - 100,000 hours


  • 5 year warranty - CE and RoHS certifications


  • Works with temperatures between -40ºC / 55 ° C


  • Products with IP66 protection


  • Application locations: Airports, condominiums, parking lots, facades, industrial yards, ports, courts, tunnels, outdoor areas

  • 35W to 300W

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