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Industrial automation

Industrial Automation Solutions

Supervision Systems
  • SCADA systems programming

  • Programming of redundant systems

  • Operational Control Center

  • Applications with WALL VIDEO for operational control center

  • HMI-PC platform systems

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Automation Racks
  • Rack design and manufacture for automation, switches, industrial PCs, UPS and UPS sources

  • Rack design and manufacturing data collection and telemetry

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  • Programming of Programmable Logic Controller and Programmable Controller for Automation

  • Analysis of the best cost-benefit ratio for each application

  • Programming of machines, equipment and processes

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Control and Operation Stations
  • Computers and Monitors for application in operational control center (CCO)

  • Notebooks for mobile supervision application

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Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Development of HMI programs

  • Development of layouts and synoptics for machines and processes

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  • Flow measurement

  • Level measurement

  • Analytical measurement

  • Pressure measurement

  • Temperature measurement

  • Industrial Applications and Sanitation

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