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Industrial Safety (NR-12)

Meeting the NR-12

Our Industrial Safety projects are based on 6 steps and are divided hierarchically into 5 phases:

  1. Phase - Consulting

  2. Phase - Engineering

  3. Phase - Implementation

  4. Phase - Training

  5. Phase - Maintenance

Find out what we can offer for each phase:

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Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5


Machine Inventory
Blue print
Risk analysis
Action plan
  • List of all machines

  • Details of each application

  • Technical Data

  • General information

  • Position of each machine

  • Position of operators

  • Process flow, materials and tools

  • Risk analysis according to NBR ISO 12100: 2013

  • Definition of risk category according to NBR 14153: 2013

  • Risk mitigation action plan

  • Technical Responsibility Notes (ART)

  • Technical analysis of conformities and / or conformities in relation to NR-12

  • Evidence of risks

  • Schedule of adjustments

  • Improvement suggestions

  • Measures to be implemented

  • Implementation costs

  • Operation manuals

  • Maintenance manuals

  • Safety procedures

Consulting Solutions for NR-12


Audit, certification and training services for safe machine designs according to PPRPS and NR12

Consutoria Safety Prado 02.png

Risk Analysis, Assessment and Appraisal according to NBR ISO 12100, using the HRN Method, NBRs, IECs and Classification of the Security Category according to NBR 14,153 with the issuance of Technical Responsibility Note (ART)

Consutoria Safety Prado 03.jpg

Preparation of Technical Documents, Technical Reports, Technical Reports and Inventories of Machines

Consulting for NR-12

Engineering Solutions for NR-12

Application design with EPCs
electronic and mechanical devices to suit PPRPS, NR10 and NR12

Design and programming of
redundant safety devices with application of Safety PLC, HMI, Safety Scanner and Redundant Encoders

Engineering for NR-12

Implementation Solutions

of NR-12

Adequacy of Machines and
Equipment (Electronic Systems, Mechanical Retention Systems, Work Area, Mobile and Fixed Protections, Monitoring Systems and etc.)

Fabricação EPC Prado.png

Manufacturing of EPCs (Collective Protection Equipment) to adapt machines to NR-12

EPC Prado.jpg

Design and manufacture of Safety Electrical Panels

Implementation of NR-12

Training Solutions for NR-12

NR-12: General training for operators

(8 hours)

NR-12: Technical training of NR-12 concepts for Designers and Maintainers

(16 hours)

NR-12: General technical lecture for operators

(2 hours)

Special courses and workshops on request

traininf for NR-12

Maintenance Solutions for NR-12


Elaboration and as-built in electrical diagrams


Preparation and adjustments of technical manuals


Preparation and adjustments of technical procedures


Technical assistance on machines with safety systems


Technical assistance and retrofiting of machines for installation of Safety PLCs

Maintenance NR-12

Product Solutions for NR-12

Supervision Systems
  • SCADA Systems

  • Redundant systems

  • Operational control center

  • Monitoring of intelligent machines and safety systems

Industrial Networks
  • Serial and ethernet industrial communication (Modbus, Ethernet / IP, Profibus, Profinet, CANopen, etc.)

  • Wireless / Bluetooth Communication

  • Switches and Managers

  • VPN Firewall and Protection

Safety 04.png
Automation Racks
  • Rack design and manufacture for automation, switches, industrial PCs, nobracks and UPS supplies

  • Rack design and manufacturing data collection and telemetry

Safety 07.png
Safety PLC
  • PLC: Programmable Logic Controller

  • Safety PLC Cat. 4 / SIL 3

  • PAC: Programmable Controller for Automation

  • Controllers with Web Server and OPC Server

Safety 03.png
Security Monitoring
  • Safety relays

  • Emergency buttons

  • Security keys

  • Security cables

  • Emergency stop devices

Safety 05.png
Optoelectronic Protection
  • Protection of upper limbs

  • Body protection

  • Perimeter protection

  • Security barriers

  • Security scanners

Safety 08.png
Man-machine interface
  • HMI: Touchscreen Human Machine Interface

  • Interface and communication modules

Safety 02.png
Ilot - Industria 4.0
  • Monitoring, control and data acquisition systems

  • Application virtualization

  • Integration of equipment, machines, processes and environments

  • Advanced manufacturing with SCADA - ERP integration

Safety 06.png
Safety Controls
  • Safety contactors

  • Safety Drives

  • Monitored buttons

  • Safety mats

  • Safety encoders

  • Safety pedals

  • Two-hand control

Safety 09.png
Safety 01.png
Product of NR-12
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